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Around the mid of October 2016, MAXIONE team paid a visit to west Africa

Around the mid of October 2016, MAXIONE team paid a visit to west Africa. During the market visit, MAXIONE found a very severe problem: many tire users they don’t have a very good management on the tire they are using, which caused a lot of problems.   欢迎您来到缅甸银钻娱乐城。

MAXIONE paid a visit to an end user in West Africa, which is a refuse processing plant. In this plant, a lot of tires are under using, and more than 90% of them are MAXIONE brand. But, there are some problems with tires. And, the MAXIONE engineers are very confused as those problems never happened from other places.

To find the real reason, MAXIONE visited the users and found that they are lack of management for the tires. To help the local partner improve, MAXIONE team made a very detailed training on tire management at site.

To manage tire properly, the following will need to be done:

1. The tires must be inspected regularly and maintain a correct pressure.

2. Tire rotation needs to be done timely.

3. Mounting and demounting must be done in a correct way.

4. Tires must be stored in a good method.

After the tire is well managed, you will get the following benefits:

1. The tire using cost will be lowered a lot through correct tire management.

2. If the tires are well managed, many potential accidents can be avoided from happening during tire using. 

MAXIONE engineer visited the end users and gave them the training of tire management

The local partners are very happy with the training, and they promised to do a good management on tire in the future. Most importantly, the relation between two parties were enhanced through this meeting and they will surely go for a better cooperation.

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